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I am Sal and I am made from a duvet.


All I can think of is nautical with this red, white and blue striped pattern. Another dress inspired by my nana (Beverly) and a dress that she wore which is now mine. I’ve done the sleeves differently with a pleated floaty look.


Suitable for UK 10-14 (just depends on how you want to wear it)

Sal Beverly Dress

  • All Beverly Tops and Dresses for women are made with french seams giving them durability.


    If possible, get a soft measuring tape and just measure your chest under your arms.  For length measure from your shoulder to make sure you'll be happy with where your top or dress sits.


    These dresses and tops are loose fitting so they cover a range of sizes.


    Always happy to work with you to make a piece just you if you have an old duvet or tablecloth that you like the pattern of or maybe you've got some fabric that you haven't used.


    Wash me less and when you do give me a cold wash and pop me out on the line.  All Beverly Tops and Dresses have been pre-washed and line dried.  Happy to say most didn't even need a press afterwards.

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