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My Story

Welcome to FairPlay Clothing! I'm Carrie and I made your clothes. I am all about slow fashion and creating clothes and other bits and pieces, with a conscience.  In June 2014, in an attempt to combine something I love doing (sewing) with something I’m passionate about (community and our planet), FairPlay Clothing was created. I started out using donated fabric from friends, recycled clothes and taking trips to my local fabric shop. The nature of using donated and recycled fabric as well as upcycling clothes, means most FairPlay pieces are one offs and depending on how much fabric I end up with, dictates size.  As a result, each piece is one of a kind, making them perfect for you, your one of a kind or as a special gift.  My
aim is to offer fun comfortable handmade clothing that isn't mass produced and has minimal environmental impact.  At the moment, I am taking a little break from sewing and focusing on teaching.  The online shop is open.  Taking this as an opportunity to downsize stock and get ready for life after teaching full-time ends in July 2024.

My Hope

To offer an alternative to fast fashion, slowing things down and creating fun, comfortable handmade clothing.

To be as transparent as possible.

To always work towards a positive environmental impact.

To give back more than I take.


All FairPlay skirts, shorts and trousers for children are made with elasticated waists to allow for comfort and a long life. This is why I size based on age.

If possible get your little one’s waist measurement to choose the correct size for them.

Most skirts are above the knee.

Women's tops and dresses cover a few sizes so please check out the sizing details on their listings.  Maybe you like a fit that is closer to your measurements or maybe, like me, you like an oversized fit.  

Always happy to work with you to make a piece just your size whether it's with fabric I have or maybe you have fabric lying around that you've wanted to use for a project.  It could be a tablecloth, curtains or a duvet with a gorgeous print.  One of my favourite dresses is made from a tablecloth passed on to me of my Buddy's (grandfather).  I never used it for fear of spilling something on it.  It's now a Beverly dress which is a perfect creation as my nana (Beverly) was the inspiration for the Beverly dresses! 

Play Again

Keep FairPlay clothes “playing again” and out of the landfill as long as possible, by passing it on to someone special or why not exchange your pre-loved piece for a 50% off voucher. The voucher can be used by yourself or a friend. We’d love to see where it plays next!


All the fabric that comes my way is either from charity shops, donated to me or from somone's destash.  There's enough fabric on the planet, no need to buy anything new.

The nature of handmade clothes along with using donated and recycled fabric as well as upcycling clothes, means FairPlay pieces are one of a kind.

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