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Thank You

7 years ago to help get FairPlay off the ground, I did a CrowdFunding project and was blown away by the support I received. This first blog post is to say a huge THANK YOU to my FairPlay Friends. I'm still going and it's still just me, the way I want it to be. It's been up and down and all around and that's life isn't it. I've got my little workshop now and a website that I've created, again with lots of help and input from friends. Brings a smile and a tear to see my mom's name. I remember getting my first message from Etsy that I had my first sale and then why I saw who it came from I laughed. It was my mom!!! Who else would it be??? The next step for me is coming away from Etsy and just focusing on my own website and finding some good markets. Onwards and upwards!

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